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My name is AbdulRahman Maniar a.k.a AR1VUI'm in 7th grade and I love games and programming. I am still learning and have tried my hands on JavaScript, HTML, CSS and Python.

In this website I'm planning to publish games related updates, tips and tricks and the apps I'm developing. So stay tuned.

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what i like

Web developing

Web Devoloping has been my hobby since 2017 and I have been learning on the internet from many websites such as Udemy and many other websites.

comic making

I love comic making. If you have a sad day just check out my blog where I will be posting new jokes every week at ar1vu.tumblr.com

Robo - Models

I've created about 30 robots that have different functions and different tasks, my latest creation is
Rove - The Corona Warrior.


I started learning Robotics in 2019 and I have always been interested in Artificial Intelligence.

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+971 54 754 5175

Mon to Thursday 12pm to 6 pm


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